Ready to travel, but not sure where to begin? Have a bucket list item that you're ready to check off? Overwhelmed by all of the tiny nuances of travel logistics?
    ve got you. 

    What: I take individuals, couples, groups and business teams on adventure retreats all around the world. As soon as you step off of the plane, I’ll pick you up, transport you to paradise and lead you through the week so that you won’t have to think about any details along the way. From daily excursions and culinary adventures to unique lodging and personal yoga classes, we can customize your getaway to suit your needs. Not into yoga? Skip it and opt for a day of bronzing on the beach or reading in a hammock. It’s your trip, I am here to make it as magical and enjoyable as possible.

    Why: You’ve always wanted to explore beautiful destinations. You crave travel, adventure and the experience of being immersed in fun classes, the beauty of nature and a welcoming community. You've always wanted to take a life-changing trip to an exotic place with a group of like-minded people.

    How: Ready to pack your bags!? Yay! Me too!
    Let's connect! Contact Me with all of your wildest dreams and I’ll turn them into reality.

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    I decided to embark on a magical adventure led by Sydney Duarte! How amazing she is and how wonderful Lake Atitilan was and still lives on in my heart. Her thoughtfulness and mindfulness down to all of the details were most memorable; a sweet treat by our bedside to welcome all the guests upon arrival, we all felt comfortable and taken care of, a loose schedule so we all came and went at will and desire, exciting daily adventures and deep spiritual growth. Sydney was checking in regularly to ensure we were getting what we needed and that smile and magical energy of hers!! It's beyond a treat to spend time with Sydney and even more to be a part of any event she hosts. She's never without thought or regard for serving others. LOVE HER!! ~ Porscha

    I had a wonderful time on the Magical Mayan Adventure with Sydney. As an experienced traveller to over 40 countries, I understand that travel brings unanticipated challenges and hurdles to keep a smooth flow. Sydney did a wonderful job coordinating schedules and planning for daily activities. She arranged transportation to and from our destination for people arriving and leaving on different dates. When a fire broke out a few days prior to arrival, alternative accommodations were found for our first night. The change was communicated promptly, and we transitioned seamlessly back to our schedule on our first morning. I enjoyed the choice of daily activities, and yet there was still freedom for downtime. There were yoga classes in the morning, and breathwork classes in the evening, but I did not feel pressured to attend all the classes offered. The tour of the villages around the lake was a wonderful experience, as well as the fire ceremony on the last day. Most importantly, she brought together a group of people of different genders, ages, race, and backgrounds, and created an environment for us to be comfortable with each other and with ourselves. I had travelled to Lake Atitlan many years prior, and the trip with Sydney still felt like a brand new experience.  ~ Jack

    Sydney held our group so perfectly for 8 straight days. From the beauty of the location, to the yoga classes, to the daily excursions… all of our needs were met and exceeded. Sydney made everyone feel like family. Her warm spirit and genuine attentiveness and care throughout the entire week made the difference between a good retreat and a wonderful retreat! Thank you, Sydney! I can't wait to share another adventure with you! ~ Colleen

    I had the honor of first being introduced to Sydney's restorative yoga while she was leading classes in magical Guatemala. I fell in love with it so much, that I have begun taking her classes in Charlotte. The thought, love, laughter, and energy that she pours into what she does is paramount!" ~ Jeremy