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5 questions with muralist, yogi and arts activist Sydney Duarte

Sydney Duarte, is well known around Charlotte, whether it be for her arts activism, her yoga classes at NoDa Yoga or her new mural at Two Scoops Creamery.

Duarte started painting murals with her mother at a young age. Her mom had always been an artist, and she loved to help out with projects. Eventually, they both moved into the corporate world and fell away from doing art together. After a while, though, Duarte said she insisted they start painting as a team again.

What started off with in-home custom pieces eventually led to the Two Scoops mural, which features Duarte licking an ice cream cone and the saying: “Do the things that light you up. Everything else will fall into place.”

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The Traveling Gypsy: New CLT Mural Artist

Okay, we HAVE to know more. You painted a mural, right?  
Yay! YES! So excited and have received lots of love and positive feedback so far!

This mural is special because of your co-artist. Can you tell us more about Duarte Designs?

We are Ann (the mother) and Sydney (the daughter) Duarte. Together, we are @duarte_designs, a dynamic mother-daughter duo, spreading positive messages through our original pieces and bringing your custom commissioned visions to life through hand-crafted original art. We are painters, muralists, sketch artists, working with a wide array of mediums.

Our pieces are meant to spark thought and help you stop, stand here, and breathe in all the things that make you feel grateful for this life. We created @duarte_designs to bring love, laughter and hope back to the community. We create custom pieces to accommodate you and your needs (murals, logos, architectural renderings, portrait drawings, and so much more) All styles and sizes! We are open to new ideas and are happy to make suggestions if you’re not sure where to begin.

What’s the process to make it happen?

Our inspiration process started with the quote we used on the wall. It is one of Sydney’s favorites, “You can’t make everyone happy, you’re not ice cream. Do the things that light you up. Everything else will fall into place”. I say this often and am fueled by Two Scoop Creamery’s Yabba Dabba Do Fruity Pebbles ice cream. We thought it’d be fun to do a self-portrait of me with my signature heart glasses and take it from there.

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Most of the people we asked about Sydney have one common praise for her. She orchestrates community and love and connection. She makes everyone feel seen and loved. Isn’t it funny how the parts of our stories that kinda suck while we are in them are the stepping stones to the change and the mission that we are called to pursue. It’s in the seemingly small details that we saw where Sydney’s craving for connection came from. Sydney has become this incredible change agent in our city and we are so grateful to call her our friend.

Talking Walls
“This celebratory event captured the powerful impact of public art in our community by revitalizing neglected spaces, inspiring cross community dialogue and raising the arts tourism profile of our city by cultivating new voices of creative expression,” said artist liaison and Talking Walls ambassador Sydney Duarte. “ Charlotte’s creative community is blossoming.” Art is magic. It spreads joy, transforms sorrow, changes minds, and heals hearts.

Sweat Net

Fitness classes in Charlotte no longer need to be scary! SweatNET exists to make healthy lifestyles more affordable and accessible for our local communities. SweatNET exists to break down the barriers to find healthy options. If all you want to do is Yoga in Charlotte, or find the best crossfit gym in Charlotte, SweatNET can help with that and save you money at the same time. Charlotte fitness is for everyone. Connect to fitness Sweat Net Ambassador - Sydney Duarte. Charlotte is full of amazing people doing some truly inspirational things. SweatNET shares the stories of instructors, personal trainers, entrepreneurs, and others living the healthy (sweaty) lifestyle so you can connect directly with these individuals. You should never have to go to a fitness class with the fear of not knowing anyone or what to expect. SweatNET wants you to connect directly or indirectly with these fitness ambassadors. Let their stories inspire you, motivate you, and encourage you to experience the many healthy balanced lifestyle options in Charlotte.

The HEARTest Yard Yoga 

Sydney Duarte will lead you through a heart opening sequence on
Monday, September 24th
. Class will be held at the @panthers practice field for this heartfelt event to benefit @the_HEARTest_Yard (The first and only family relief program for pediatric cardiovascular patients) 👶🏻👶🏾👶🏼👶🏽 Visit to learn more.



Lake Norman Currents

Lake Norman Currents is the magazine for and about the people who call Lake Norman home. 





Feetures is an incredible athletic sock company that enhances the performance of athletes. Sydney partnered with Feetures because their love of giving back is as big as hers ♥️



Local woman shares egg freezing journey

WBTV's Morning Break Team speaks with Sydney Duarte about her egg freezing journey


Cat Yoga with fox 46 charlotte

FOX 46 Charlotte's Diana Alvear attended my Thursday night yoga class at Mac Tabby Cat Café and lived to tell the...TAIL. Haha, ok ok, I'll lighten up on the cheeziness, I just get giddy when folks experience class for the first time 🐾

If you're wondering "what the heck is cat yoga?" take a listen, I promise you'll enjoy it. It's a great way to relax AND support the café 's efforts to find forever homes for these adorable, adoptable kitties.


Good day with Sydney and vida

A fun, humorous lifestyle talk show, filled with laughter, cooking tips, life tips on side hustle, every day struggles, inspirational/motivational magic. Pretty much ALL of things that you want to hear and learn about ✨ 

Be sure to follow @vidaforward and catch future episodes at 


Who inspires me - Post by DANI NICOLE PHOTOGRAPHY

Meet Sydney, a Charlotte local whose account I have been following for a while, after discovering her through a guy I used to date. She’s a die hard yogi, adventure inspiring guru, and passionate filled person whose desire is to spread positivity, creativity, and artistic expression everywhere she goes. I’m a sucker for yoga pose images, since my own practice is far from photo-worthy, so I get a bit giddy seeing her fill up a square in my feed with an intricate, beautiful pose. Her happiness, contentment, and sheer beauty is contagious, and her feed is an eclectic mix of yoga, nature, quotes, and adventures. 

Fun Fact: I actually got to meet her in person not too long ago, when I unknowingly attended a creatives retreat she was hosting. I didn’t even know she was hostess until I pulled up to her house - say wha! - to leave for the retreat, saw her face, and put her real name and her IG name (which I had only known her by) together in a lightbulb, fan-girl moment.

Article by Charlotte five and QC Playground

Charlotte yogi and travel adventure guide Sydney Duarte is not one to post personal stories and private information for her more than 21,000 Instagram followers. So it was a surprise when Sydney, who has the Instagram account name @traveling_gypsy, chose to share her journey of freezing her eggs on social media.

She chose to share because she wants other women to know about this procedure– and to know it’s not as scary as it may seem.

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15 to follow - Article by charlotte agenda

For these 15 yogis, filling their time with yoga isn’t just a resolution for 2017 (guilty) –
it’s a lifestyle.

Want more in your feed? Check out local yoga photographer Wanda Koch’s Instagram.

And just for good measure, get the rundown on the scene in Charlotte – here are the studiosnew student specialsteachersposes and pro tips to know.



cat yoga - Article by charlotte agenda

Mac Tabby Kickstarter - The café is looking for some help before it opens. The cafés Kickstarter is nearly half funded with about 22 days remaining. The funds will go toward opening opening expenses, like permits and the lease.

Mac Tabby is hosting an hour long yoga class with cats as part of its campaign. Pledges of $150 or more are required to participate. Sydney Duarte with NoDa Yoga will teach the 20-person class at 7 p.m. Sept. 21.