Private Yoga


New to yoga?

You're attending for your first time, as the teacher begins to call out instructions to the class {all of which appear to be Circus/stunt double stand-ins}, you hear lingo or cues that you don’t understand. You feel disoriented… self-conscious…out of place. Private sessions are an excellent way to begin your own yoga practice. Develop your confidence by learning the fundamentals of yoga at your own pace. Ask questions when you'd like, take your time learning the poses, rest when you need to, and receive the individualized attention that you may not feel comfortable asking for in a group setting.

Interested in a Private Yoga Session?

With Private Yoga sessions, you have my full attention. There are no expectations. Everyone's body is different,  so no need to compare yourself to others or worry if you are absolutely perfect in each pose. I am here to provide real-time feedback and support to answer any questions you may have. We will work together to find the the exact routines, poses, and movements, that feel best for you. We can either meet at your home or at Noda Yoga

We will begin by discussing your questions, needs, concerns, and goals. Together, as a team, we will create and customize a practice that is perfect for you. You will have 100% of my attention and support. I am your accountability partner and biggest fan.  I believe that our collaborative effort can create a beautiful experience for you and transform your life for the better. 

Private Yoga sessions are available in the comfort of your home/office, {wherever you feel at peace I will come to you} This will save you the rush from place to place + time lost + any stress you might experience along the way {fighting traffic, searching for a parking space, any other hiccups that pop-up along the way} Overall, you'll feel more comfortable and at peace within your own loving environment. 

Interested in deepening/strengthening your practice?

Perhaps you are interested in exploring more difficult poses or receive complete and detailed adjustments. Or there may be specific practices such as pranayama (breath work) or meditation that you would like to add to your practice. Private sessions allow me to tailor the teaching to your specific desires and inquiries.

Interested in developing a home practice?

You may be a beginner or experienced yogi who understands the benefits of a daily practice, but would like assistance developing one. Together we can create your own practice, working on your areas of interest such as alignment, sequencing, pranayama or meditation. 

Private Group Yoga
Private Yoga


Have you been away from yoga for a while?

You’ve had an active practice in the past but are just getting back into yoga, perhaps due to an illness or injury. Private sessions can allow us to reintegrate your body back into your practice while taking special care of your physical or emotional needs.

How many times should we meet?

Ideally, we should plan to meet weekly or bi-weekly in the beginning, depending on your goals. This allows us time to reach your goals and address any deeper issues that may arise. However, we can work together to create a program that works with your schedule and budget.

What about group private lessons?

Practicing with a group gives us a chance to develop healthy habits with friends, family, or co-workers and to bring more mindfulness and respect to those relationships. Group practice also offers a chance to inspire or be inspired by those around you. These sessions can be held in one of the participants’ homes, a park, your business or a local studio.

Would you like to create your own group?

If you have a group of friends and cannot seem to make it to any of the yoga studios at the same time, gather your group of friends to meet regularly at a park or any other creative location that works for everyone.

I believe that your body is perfect as it is. Yoga is accessible to everyone, wherever you are in your practice. I am here to help you feel strong and healthy in your body, clear and calm in your mind, and most importantly, ENJOY your yoga practice! Schedule your Session below to get started.


Sydney's class is always a delight! Her positive energy radiates through the every aspect, and you always leave with a positive outlook and lighter spirit. She leads the yoga session with knowledge and intent, ensuring all body parts (no matter how small) are covered and adjusted! My favorite postures are the side opening and stretching postures! And she always adds a few balancing and playful postures for some fun! You will love her classes! Come play!  ~ McKenzie 

Sydney is one of the most loving and energetic people I know and translates that into her classes.   She is a breath of fresh air and offers a fun and inviting approach to yoga.  Always smiling and it's as if she is transferring her joy into her student’s hearts as she leads them through the poses and sequences of yoga!  ~ Brett 

To be YOU is the message from Sydney's yoga guidance. Be yourself on your mat which leads to being yourself off your mat (and with much laughter!) ~ Danny

I love the energy and spiritual/motivational message incorporated in each Sydney's classes. It brings me physical and mental serenity.
I look forward to being in each class. She always makes me feel welcome and comfortable, especially since I am "that guy" that can't reach his toes. LOL  ~ Michael